No Worries – WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

web-maintainceTake the tedium and worry out of managing your self hosted WordPress website with the iBusinesslogic No Worries WordPress Website Maintenance Plan.

Our plans include

  • Level 1 hosting with cutting edge fast server space managed by an administrator on our team.
  • Threat and Attack Mitigation software protecting your website 24 hours a day from malicious attempts to break in and corrupt your data.
  • Regular backups & restore service if something does go wrong

We offer 3 levels of maintenance coverage to take away any of the stress or tedium of making sure your site is safe and protected and up to date. If you think you might need with regular updates, choose either the Silver, or the Gold plan and we can help you to keep your site fresh, or simply insert a graphic or some text that you do not have the time to do.

No Worries WordPress