iBusinessLogic Develops small business websites in Tampa Bay and for clients Nationwide using WordPress as a CMS or Content Management System. 

WordPress CMS

WordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plugin architecture and a templating system. Used by over 2% of the 10,000 biggest websites, WordPress is the most popular website publishing software in use today.

But WordPress is so much more than a simple blogging platform.  WordPress is a dynamic and ever expanding content management system that we believe is about as near perfect a product as has ever been devised to develop small business websites.

Why do we believe in WordPress so much? Read the 10 Best Reasons Here

  • WordPress is simple to manage and almost drop dead easy to update and create new pages with.
  • WordPress has an open source community of developers numbering in the thousands, offering new and dynamic capabilities for the CMS on a daily basis.  These “Plugins” are tested worldwide and are updated constantly, just as WordPress itself is.
  • WordPress runs on PHP and uses CSS – This means that as a user, you have little to think about when you want to create a new page on your website, or when you want to add a new article to the blog portion of your website. Everything is just easier and more reliable for the end user.
  • WordPress offers unparalleled SEO advantages in our opinion – certainly head and shoulders above the old way of creating websites.
  • WordPress sites are theme based (CSS) and as such, the theme creates the look of the site. These can be used off the shelf, or custom made to suit your needs.  iBusinessLogic offers the best, most highly advanced WordPress theme designs in the world.  We can also make a one off design just for you using your .PSD files or creating them for you.  WordPress can look just as you want it to look and it can perform better than almost any other low cost website solution.

While WordPress is the number one free open source content management system in the world, developing a website with WordPress takes some skill and knowledge. Can you do it yourself? Certainly you can, but it may take you many more weeks or months of hard work to produce the level of site that we can develop for your business using the years of experience iBusinessLogic has in using this platform.  Generally iBusinessLogic charges on a time basis for WordPress development and we are pretty darn sure that we can get it done faster and provide more capabilities in our completed product than almost anyone could when first starting out with the CMS.

Some website ideas for WordPress:

  • Ideal for Real Estate
  • Fantastic for Brochure Sites
  • Coupon Site Capabale
  • Directory or Club / Association Membership sites
  • Non Profit Websites – Perfect for this application
  • Membership websites – users pay a monthly fee for access
  • eCommerce – Retail or B2B
  • Digital Download Sites
  • Auto Dealership Sites
  • Auto Parts, or Repair Websites
  • Small Business
  • Hair Salon Website
  • Professional Photography or Videography Websites
  • Designer Portfolios
  • Family Gallery or Group Site
  • Bar and Restaurant Website with Full Menu and Reservations capabilities
  • Hotel / Motel/ Bed and Breakfast websites with full commercial reservations systems

The list goes on and on….

If you can think of something that you want your website to do, and it can not be done with WordPress, we will be happy to tell you why, and find the solution that is right for you.

Tell US About Your Website Project – and we will get back to you right away with our thoughts about how to get it done with WordPress or one of our other fine web development solutions