Training offers direct One-On-One training either on location or via teleconference and screen sharing software.

Our training capabilities include:

  • WordPress setup and use training.
  • WordPress creative writing – Web publishing that draws organic traffic.
  • How To Training: Either on-site – via teleconference or through video quick tip segments which can be saved and shared with colleagues.
  • Joomla Training! – How to get the most out of your Joomla! CMS website

Please call for details and rates for our Training Classes


Free Sample and Basic WordPress videos training is provided below:

Please use and enjoy these WordPress tutorials to help understand how your WordPress website works. If you have a request for more information or a new video, we will be happy to produce new tutorials as needed. Please call iBusinessLogic @ 727-596-6900 if you have any questions.

Introduction to WordPress

Watch this WordPress introduction video first, clients may gain access to all of the training videos simply by asking for the training password.

Learning how to effectively use WordPress is essential to effectively managing your new nimble small business website based on this fantastic Content Management System.

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