Social Media Consulting

iBusinessLogic Social Media Consulting…

  • Provides answers to your questions about how to develop a social media strategy, why it is important in todays Internet landscape and how to maintain a blog, a Facebook page, public profiles on Twitter and to chat in Google Buzz.  Knowing what your customers are saying and hearing what they want, along with shaping your company message is as important as face to face communication in this day and age.
  • Coaching for the contributors – help you get out of the old style marketing mindset and into social marketing – learn to provide value for your readers
  • Link generation – How to get and give links to your website, why this important and why you should avoid some of the fast and easy ways to accomplish this all important search engine optimization strategy.
  • Additional social media services and uses – Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Friendfeed and more…
  • Some decisions you make can make the difference between wasting valuable time and reaping the rewards of the new Social Media marking strategies that companies have used to become viral.

iBusinessLogic opens the world of social media and the power of blog development up for your business. Call today to discuss our services and your needs.


Developing a Social Media presence is not the first step – first you must have a place to create and maintain the content that is disseminated throughout the various Social Networks. Without a “Home Base” (Your website or website blog) the content you send out to social media destinations like Facebook and Twitter. WordPress and Joomla websites can be configured to notify the world when new content is published. This creates a instant patch for both followers and search engine spiders to follow.  Making sure that path leads to your website as a final destination is the most logical way to reap the rewards of social media.

I want a blog for my company – Now what?

1st we determine what type of Blog your company needs, what your focus or message is… Create a place to interact with your customers and potential customers, let them know what you care about…

What Type of Business Blog fits with your company, your style?

CEO Blog

Good solid information from an insiders perspective. Highly technical and a bit geeky.

Company Blog

Multi-Department contributions, informational in scope with an eye towards providing specific information for users about upgrades, improvements, best practices etc.

Industry News Blog

Up to date informational approach, less product specific information, more general interest and user improvement information. Commentary on the course of events in the industry. Spotlight on helping build a community wide reader base.

Entire Website Blog

Using a blog platform CMS to manage an entire website with all of your company information

What is Your Message?

Determining the focus of a blog style company marketing vehicle requires some thought. Simply using a blog platform as an easy press release vehicle will not provide the most value for your company from the blog. We help you to determine before starting what you want your message to be and how comfortable you are with starting a dialog with your customers.

According to the best selling marketing guru and author, Seth Godin – To be a successful property a blog must provide…

  • Candor
  • Urgency
  • Timeliness
  • Pithiness and
  • Controversy

Seth Godin believes in blogs, but to compete, any corporate blog must contain 4 of these 5 qualifications.