Search Engine Optimization

This is a term you have no doubt heard time and again. You get calls from telemarketers promising they can get you on the first page of Google – Guaranteed or you receive numerous mailings offering the same deal.  While it may be a good idea to pay a monthly subscription service for your keyword and meta tag optimization, here at iBusinessLogic we thing that it all should start at home.

Yes, SEO is a highly specialized and unique service provided by highly paid professionals.  But when it comes to your business, you may know more than you think about the best keywords to use on your business website.

iBusinessLogic offers websites than can be updated and maintained by the business owner if he/she wishes. This includes the ability to customize the primary keywords, the tags, the description and the meta title of each and every page on your website.  Who knows more about what your customers are looking for than you do?  What do they ask you about your services or products on the phone or in person? What do your customers really want to know about your business?  These are the questions you should answer on your website and these questions that your customers ask include the primary keywords and keyword phrases that should be used on your website.

Can iBusinessLogic help with a more professional SEO optimization plan which includes in depth research into the competition, your current placement, the keyword phrases that could bring back the best ROI?  Of course we can!

But we also know that starting with a properly crafted website, built with user friendly SEO tools that even novice webmasters (you – the business owner or manager) can find their way onto the top ten list of Google and on the first page.

Think of SEO as a necessary part of your online advertising strategy it is somewhat complicated if you allow it to be, but with the help of a good developer it can become the most exciting part of your website.