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Branding is the essence of your company image – design – history – presence – stability – message

More Than A Logo - The Start of a Brand

More Than A Logo - The Start of a Brand

Determine what it is that sets you apart from the herd and make it a feature of your brand. What is the essence – the fabric – that runs through your business operation. What is it you do or sell that speaks to consumers instantly about the nature of your service or product, your reputation, your commitment, your uniqueness.

Once identified, clearly communicate your brand to consumers. There are two easily recognizable ways to do this: with your logo and tag line. But even more importantly, the entire image your website or web presence projects.

A branded business has a memorable logo. A straight-forward example is Ford’s® blue oval, while a more abstract example is the Nike® checkmark. Your logo is the visual component of your brand.

The next component is a written or verbal one. It is referred to as your tagline, and it reflects the exact position you are assuming in relation to your customer, your product, and your competitors. Specifically, it clearly defines the quality which differentiates your business from competitors while extolling the benefit your customer will enjoy.

Coca Cola’s® statement of being ‘The Real Thing’ is a classic example of positioning in relation to a competitor. Clearly, if they’re the real thing – the original – then the other guy isn’t.

For the small business owner it’s better to go with a more narrowly defined tag line that clearly denotes uniqueness. The sandwich shop Quizno’s® exemplifies this with their tag line ‘Oven Toasted Tastes Better’.

With iBusinessLogic’s DesignLogic services you can have all of the help you require to help you identify your brand and project that brand to the world via your own website, eCommerce store, or print materials.

When the brand has been identified the next logical step is to make it seen.

Your company has the option of spending millions of dollars on a marketing blitz like Ford or Coca Cola when releasing a new product or car line, or you can invest in your company and its products by investing in your website and social media marketing agenda.

There is no other venue available to the average business which will provide more exposure for less money various forms of social media marketing

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Forum marketing and more…

It all Starts with the brand, and the message, stay true to each…

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