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    Host Gator is our preferred provider of web hosting, iBusinessLogic has used Host Gator for over 5 years and we have experienced the very best in customer service and stability from this provider. The inexpensive cost is also a great feature!
    Blue Host is also one of our clients favorite hosting companies. Our experience with the Blue Host Support department has also been exceptional.
    TMD Hosting is an additional choice, check out their plans and compare with Host Gator or Blue Host.

Beach Host and iBusinessLogic-Host provide the client hosting and maintenance packages for development projects.  It is not mandatory to use our hosting but it does make the entire process more convenient for everyone involved.


Because when we have complete access and control over our clients server we can make changes on the fly without going through third parties. When you need more space or bandwidth, you know just who to call.  We in essence become a one stop shop for all your Internet development and hosting needs.

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iBusinessLogic-Host is Free for all clients!

While we develop your new website, we will offer you a free hosting, click the image on the left to learn more.

Are there other fine hosting options available? (We like this company – if you prefer low cost hosting)

Yes, and while many may be less expensive than our hosting packages, we can not say that you will get the personalized service and low server loading that you will experience on our plans.  If you would like to keep your hosting provider and your development team separate, we understand and we can make some very experienced recommendations as to who to use if you do not use our hosting services.  We want you to have a trouble free experience if possible, and while no company can guarantee such a claim it is nice to do business with companies that at least strive for that ideal.

Are there bad or improper hosting choices?

Yes, and I can share with you that going with the biggest mac-daddy name is not really always the best choice – especially when it comes to hosting.  Many of the huge multi-mega hosting and domain providers cram thousands of websites on very inexpensive and under equipped machines, this leads to problems and security issues that you really do not want to deal with.  Just keep in mind that if the price is way too low, or the plan is too good to be true, it probably is not the right choice for your business.

We offer Simple Hosting Plans with easy to understand and utilize Cpanel controls.  Our servers run fast with no overloading or over crowding as on some larger company plans and we try to keep it that way so that we do not have to answer your calls at 2 AM when something goes awry.  It is better to pay a little more for peace of mind in my book…

Ask about upgraded hosting packages for after you get started…

  • iBusinessLogic-Host – Simple Start – Yearly Plan

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