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How much do you charge for a website?


The answer seems simple, just quote a price and be done with it!

Unfortunately, just like building a house, or maintaining a boat, no one can really “guestimate” a web site project over the phone.


Just as in hiring a contractor to build a house, until we know how many bathrooms you want and what kind of appliances you need, or the size of your roof, or the quality of your kitchen counter tops…. (you get the picture) We really can not say how much your website will cost.

  • We can tell you how much it costs to build a good website foundation (Simple Start)
  • We can tell you how many hours we usually spend on a project (25-30) (Sometimes less)
  • We can tell you how much we charge per development hour ($100.00) (Discounted Pricing Available)
  • We can offer you discounted pricing on pre-paid development hours
  • And we can tell you that you will never be surprised about how much you will pay with our system of billing.

Billing System:


Complete Work Repots on Every Project

Work Reports Available For Every Client!

At iBusinessLogic we use a billing system that tracks every moment we work on any specific project for every client.  We can provide detailed work reports at any interval you request. Our work reports will let you know the details of what was done with your time, on your project.  You are never in the dark and you always know how many hours you have paid for, and how many you have left.  You will have the choice to purchase more development time at any point in the project.

Pay for more time?

Yes, you may want to do this… We find that invariably our clients learn about the capabilities of the websites we construct and what is possible, they want to install as many features as they can to make their website as feature rich and profitable as possible.


  • Yes, we can estimate specific projects and provide proposals.
  • No, we do not find that these proposals are always completely correct. This is because just as in the case of building a house, sometimes features or designs are required that were not in the original specification. When this happens, we must bill for the additional time and/or software, yet sometimes clients believe we should have known they wanted a feature or design that was not originally quoted.  This situation leads to misunderstandings and we prefer to not have these occur. We would rather communicate with you while your web house is being built.
  • We avoid misunderstanding by offering to bill in pre-paid segments of development hours. This allows you as a client to see the work we do in the time alloted and to decide if you wish to continue with us, it also allows us to be sure we will be paid for the time we dedicate to your project.
  • Commercial software is not included in development time packages or Simple Start. Sometimes commercial plugins are required to give our clients the features they need to complete the project. These plugins are purchased from outside vendors and we can not offer these as an included solution unless they are in the original price proposal.
  • Simple Start – is our way of sharing a deal with our clients and getting you started with a quality foundation to build upon.  If you choose to continue with iBusinessLogic as your developer, then you can purchase one of the following development packages:

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