iBusinessLogic Corporation is proud to announce a strategic partnership with CompoJoom.com of Germany.

This newly formed International partnership, brought together through social networking (LinkedIn Groups) with a common desire to help the Open Source Movement plus the joint goal of bringing monetization options to developers and publishers of online content. Is tasked with bringing a new Open Source supporting advertising network online in June 2009.

CompoJoom is headed up by Daniel Dimitrov, the developer of the number one most downloaded and used comments component for the Joomla! Open Source Content Management System.  With over 100,000 users (downloads) of the free JoomlaComment, CompoJoom and Daniel Dimitrov have a proven dedication to the Open Source community and it’s users.

Soft launch end of June 2009

Soft launch end of June 2009

iBusinessLogic’s Scott Pooler has been selected to head up the branding and marketing departments of a new ad network recently named Joomvertising!  “Scott has been essential in the initial name selection and branding of the Open Source ad network”, Daniel Dimitrov said, “we are very proud to have him and iBusinessLogic on our team”.

What is this Joomvertising! ?

Joomvertising!  an advertising network that fully supports Open Source and Joomla!  A portion of every dollar made through the advertising network goes to the development of Open Source.

  • Joomvertising pays publishers first and foremost – that is you!
  • 70% of all advertising revenue goes directly to the publisher!
  • Less than 10% of the advertising revenue goes to the Joomvertising! Ad network.
  • The remainder? Is paid to developers of open source extensions which affiliate with the Joomvertising! network and to Joomla! itself – we want to keep Open Source alive!

For Publishers of content using Joomla! (The Open Source Content management system with over 10 million downloads and a very active developer and user community) the Joomvertising! Network offers the following features.

  • Joomvertising!  – Finds the advertisers
  • Joomvertising!  – Places the ads automatically
  • Joomvertising!  – Allows the publisher to reject any ad type
  • Joomvertising!  – Pays the publisher first!
  • Joomvertising!  – is set and forget, install the code, watch the PayPal inbox
  • Joomvertising!  – is the only ad network that fully supports Open Source!

Joomvertising! initially will be offered for use through the number one comments component on the Joomla! extend directory or by logging onto the http://joomvertising.com website and registering as a publisher.

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The Joomvertising! ad codes can be placed in any banner or user position through the standard Joomla! banner component. (See the support section on http://joomvertising.com for easy to understand videos showing exactly how to insert the code. – Expect launch late June, 2009)

For advertisers – Joomvertising! offers:

  • Access to up to 10 million publishers using the Joomla! CMS!
  • Targeted placement of banner or text based advertisements
  • Complete OpenX tracking capabilities
  • Multiple size banner placements
  • A method and mechanisim to support Open Source while promoting a product or service
  • With the JoomlaComment placement – close proximity to the most active portions of social active Joomla! Websites – the comments section under each article.

Joomvertising is proud of supporting Open Source and for thank our users for understanding that without all of us making contributions to Open Source, the community will not thrive.  Help the community while helping yourself by monetizing your site or offering your message – join Joomvertising! as an advertiser or publisher.

This strategic partnership between a US based website development and marketing company iBusinessLogic and the Germany based Open Source development company CompoJoom is just one example of the power of Open Source and the worldwide reach of Social networking. Mr. Pooler and Mr. Dimitrov met through one of the Joomla! groups on LinkedIn, a social and business networking site.

Without the world wide communication available today through services like LinkedIn connections such as this would not be possible. Finding like minded entrepreneurs with complimentary skills is always a challenge, the combination of iBusinessLogic’s Scott Pooler and CompoJooms Daniel Dimitrov should prove to be a strong management team for Joomvertising.com!

Keep an eye out for more information here or on Joomvertising.com soon, we expect a soft launch in late June 2009!

For more information contact Scott Pooler by using the contact page on this website