A list of our own completed sites, recent clients sites and web development under construction. Non-CMS based projects not included as we do no longer produce simple html websites.

Every website or blog listed has been built in-house with various components using either Joomla! or WordPress as a Content Management system.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each CMS choice, we will discuss with you what your goals and needs are to determine the best CMS for your business website.

Every link opens in a large pop-up window but these are active sites both under-construction and completed.  We provide the actual URL or web-address to allow you the opportunity to see for yourself how they work.

Websites/Blogs – Owned & Developed By: iBusinessLogic Corporation

Managed Blogs & Current Clients Developed by: iBusinessLogic Corporation

No particular order…

More to Come… Your site could be next on the list…