We started a new website for my brother Steve Pooler just the other day. Steve is a marine air conditioning specialist on the West Coast of Central Florida. Since we develop small business websites with WordPress acting as a CMS (content management solution) at iBusinessLogic.com , of course we installed WordPress for my brother.

Steve may know more about very expensive yachts and complicated air conditioning controls and refrigeration than anyone else in Florida, but he needed a little help with getting started on his first website.
Marine-AC.com WordPress Getting Started
I will be working with Steve as I would with any client to show him the basics about how to update and manage his own small business website. Once he gets the hang of it, I am sure he will take off and become very creative with his company website.

The video screencast above is my first attempt at creating some basic quick tip videos for Steve, our clients and friends. It was recorded using Jing.com which does not have any editing capabilities so please excuse any rough portions of the video which may have deserved editing.

We plan on recording more of these screencasts as we develop Steve’s Marine-AC.com website. IF you have any topics you would like us to cover, please send us a note or respond in the comments section.

Any feedback you have in the comments section below will also, as always be appreciated! Marine-AC.com Starter Video


Scott Pooler