Site Comparison Analytics

Site Comparison Analytics

Many merchants in America are finding the eBay marketplace to be a challenging environment of late. The question we receive most often concerning eBay is where else can I go? eBay of course has a huge lead on almost any competition, but if for one reason or another, you have decided to look elsewhere (besides your own website) to sell goods, where should you go?

According to it seems etsy “Your place to buy & sell all things handmade” is the place to look if thoughts of a new place to sell handmade items fill your mind.¬† Etsy has the most traffic of any competitor to eBay (besides Amazon) and that traffic graph is heading upward and a steady confidence building pace up 179.8% in the last year.

Of course, adding to this chart is both unfair, and a compliment as they have only just started the site at Bonanzle last July. Month to month with very little track-record to analyse, Bonanzle has grown 190.3%. experienced a nice bump last February but since then the traffic graph has been flat and actually losing -7.2% of their projected traffic in the last month.

Based on this limited and incomplete snapshot of information, one could conclude is the only place to look when considering a move off of eBay or simply to add an additional channel of sales revenue.  But I will submit there are many more factors to consider than simple traffic when choosing a place to offer your wares.

More on other considerations in a follow up post soon…

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