Learning Social Media Techniques

iBusinessLogic.com offers training in social media optimization and basic blog management to all of our clients. One of our clients, Keith Bloemendaal of Raleigh, North Carolina has taken his training seriously.

Keith is the sales manager at Carolina Custom Fences LLC and has been put in charge of the company’s website redevelopment.  Keith in turn hired Scott Pooler of iBusinessLogic.com to create a new website/blog for the company.  Keith understood the power of blogging and social media content creation almost from the first moment of class.  We set Keith up with a WordPress.com blog so he could get familiar with how the company website would work when it was completed.  Keith has taken this temporary site and made it his own.

Training Blog Took Off

The Fence Post is an informational blog centering on educational articles and DIY information regarding proper fence construction and how to choose the right fence contractor based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The site has gained national attention from homeowners and industry insiders alike.

Now it has gained International attention… because Keith Bloemendaal has taken the time to learn many facets of the social media marketing revolution in just a few short months and because he asked a good question, in the right place at the right time.

Darren Rowse Notices

Keith’s fence post blog has been featured on the home page of http://ProBlogger.net. This is an accomplishment simply because he caught the eye of one of the most influential bloggers in the world today,  Darren Rowse.
Keith joined Darren’s Problogger Friendfeed room underworld online on Friendfeed.com and asked what he thought would be a simple question…

If you have a blog post that clearly outperforms all other posts (more than double the traffic in my case), do you capitalize on it by writing more posts on the same topic?”

Read Mr. Rowse’s reply here: Problogger

Congratulations to our student!

I want to personally congratulate Keith Bloemendaal and his Fence Post Blog for finding his way through the social networking blogosphere and onto one of the most highly trafficked websites in the world.

Great Job Keith!  Maybe someday you will mention iBusinessLogic as your inspiration from the great height of success.