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What is a blog consultant and why would you need one?

Blog consultants are usually bloggers who have been judged as being successful in attracting an audience and building a brand for a specific blog or several blogs over time. There is no certification to become a blog consultant. The title is earned only after one is asked to help another individual or company start and maintain a blog.

Why does our company need a blog consultant?

Believe it or not, bloggers are dedicated people and they have spent a great deal of time learning the craft of blogging. It is a craft when done well and although we certainly think all of our clients can maintain and write a blog themselves, sometimes hiring a more experienced expert to help your company enter the world of social networking and marketing is a big time saver. Learning all the ins and outs of how to get your company blog noticed and to build a community can be a time consuming and technical task.

What will a blog consultant do for me?

Help you and your company make critical decisions about blog topics, sharing of information, blog design, what social networks to join, how to build trust and much more. Blogs are incredible vehicles for informing the public about your company but if they are operated as a regular marketing style website the content will be less effective and any community built upon that style of content generation will take a long time to build up.

A good consultant will teach you and any of your employees about the basics of blogging, the do’s and don’t of social media content generation… And much much more.

What does a Blog Consultant Cost?

This is a variable which depends upon many factors. Expected time for the project, short term or long term? Experience of the blogger, amount of actual content generation the blog consultant will provide vs company staff? An agreed schedule of posts to the company blog and a smooth pathway for access to internal company information (with a known exclusion of dissemination protocol in place) will go a long way to making the company blogger or blog consultant more effective and efficient. By the hour or on retainer a blog consultant will help your company become Web 2.0 effective and bring your marketing initiatives into the next generation of the Internet.

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