Your Company Needs a New Website

  • Looking for an alternative to a difficult to manage old style website?
  • Is your company website getting stale while becoming invisible as it drops in the search engine rankings?
  • Have you asked yourself why you’re spending so much money on Pay Per Click Advertising from the big three search engines?
  • Would it be great to have a website and be able to update it or add valuable content to it whenever you want?
  • Why not try a new direction? Go Web 2.0 and create a new website for your company with a modern design based upon content management solutions.

    What is a content management solution or CMS (usually referred to as a content management system)?

    A CMS is a complete website system which takes care of all of the hard work for you:  it manages all of the page generation duties and creates a new page for your website on demand. The user simply fills the new page with content in the form of text, images, videos and more, just as they would if creating a Word document. Publishing content on the web has never been easier for the end user.

    Blogs are websites.  They can appear just as any modern corporate website, but blog/CMS websites are equipped with several search related advantages.

    Why worry about search? What is search?

    Search is the term used by website developers when referring to the search engines. All of the major search engines are out looking for new information on the web each and every day. If your website has been scanned by a search engine and is found to have no new or relevant content to report back to the database, the search (spider) will move on to the next site and not come back to your website for a longer interval between scans. The longer a website is maintained with no new content being added, the further that website will fall to the bottom of the search engine rankings.

    There is more to ranking highly in the search engines than just picking a few relevant keywords.

    Keywords are great, but the search engines are looking for more. Search engines want to see keywords placed in content in the form of actual articles, white papers and documents. The more the better.  If these articles are added in a naturally occurring fashion, one at a time, on a daily or bi-weekly basis, the search engines will assign more value to the web site where these articles are found.

    Our main website, has a great deal of relevant content and is based upon a content management solution. This blog is also a content management solution website.  By simply adding this easy to use and update blog to our already content rich website, we have jumped to a Page Rank of 4 from a Page Rank of 2 in a matter of weeks, even though our new blog has very few articles yet. We attribute this jump to the tagging system in the CMS technology of this blog site attached directly to our website.

    What does all of this mean?

    What this means is web 2.0 CMS based web development will outperform any web 1.0 hard coded hard to update website. It will help a small company compete for space on organic search while giving the general public (your customers) a better understanding of your company, your goals and the information you have to offer.

    What can I write about my company?

    We can help you with ideas about what to write, but I am sure if anyone owns or manages a business, they have millions of ideas each and every day about the services or products they offer. Customer testimonials, new and interesting programs, mistakes made and corrected…the list is endless and your customers want to know more about your company that the average stale website can provide.

    Share information and gain traffic, confidence and new customers. Focus on what you do, what you offer and where you work… and a Web 2.0 CMS based website and/or blog will help you succeed online like never before!