Nascar Fansite & eCommerce Affiliate Blog

Favorite Teamwear Logo and DesignLogic just put the finishing touches on a new and exciting blog/ website featuring Nascar & Sprint Cup merchandise and NASCAR news aggrigators. provides value to its readers in the form of up to date articles in the Nascar Journal section of the site in addition to feeds from the latest news sources in the racing industry. While offering Sprint Cup and Nationwide series merchandise at low prices.

iBusinessLogic created this website with a content management system called WordPress. There are some advanced features in this design but the ease usability for both the website owner and viewer has been maximized.

With regular posts to the Nascar Journal section

of this site, iBusinessLogic is confident that the page rank and traffic for this installation will grow much faster than if the client has chosen to use a standard web design.

Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla are the wave of the future in web 2.0 business oriented websites. Here we are looking forward towards the future and are happy to help clients new and old install “easy to use and maintain” content management systems for company website installations.

WordPress is not just for personal blogging anymore!