iBusinessLogic.com has complete a project for our friend and client Mr. Cliff Aliperti. The site is called http://vintagemeld.com and includes many features not found in many standard WordPress installations.

While the look and feel are vintage the design and functionality is contemporary.  The site showcases Cliff’s “things and other stuff” business of collecting and selling vintage movie posters, card stock, magazines and more.   Cliff has thousands of these types of items and offers them to the public for sale primarily on eBay and the new and upcoming Bonanzle platform.

Cliff took great interest in our Bonanzle webstore concept, combining wordpress with the functionality and ease of use of the Bonanzle site to make a functional yet simple to operate website which also drives traffic to an eCommerce shopping cart venue.

Most of the product on Vintage Meld is being displayed as a feed from Bonanzle.  This allows Cliff the luxury of only working in Bonanzle to maintain inventory and checkout functions.  Cliff went one step further and asked us to integrate his eBay auction items into this site as well.  Vintage Meld has become a one stop shop for all of Cliff’s customers to search for and find all of his product.  They may choose to buy through either venue as an auction or fixed price and they can read all of Cliffs interesting and informative articles about the movie stars, sports heroes and other famous figures of the late 20th and early 21st century.

Cliff is first and foremost a collector and fan of all of his unique historical and collectible paper goods and movie items.  This new Vintagemeld.com website lets Cliff showcase his favorite passtime and business – collecting. The WordPress CMS platform makes this a perfect solution for Cliff.  With each article he writes about his passion, his business, Cliff brings new traffic to his site from the Search engines.  All Cliff has to do is write about what he loves and not a lot more.  It’s called organic search and it works!

Stop on by http://vintagemeld.com and leave cliff a comment or two on his articles, I am sure he will return the favor! Tale a look around and let us know what you think also.

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