In a previous article we described a special offer for Bonanzle booth owners. This offer highlighted the idea that we could use the inventory items they have already uploaded to the Bonanzle marketplace on stand alone websites allowing each merchant to not only promote their own products but the Bonanzle platform itself.

Lets take this idea one step further and propose a radical idea…

iBusinesLogic Bonanzle Shopping Cart


Almost anyone interested in selling merchandise online may want to consider taking advantage of the Bonanzle platform. This solution makes for a relatively painless to set up an easy to maintain, search optimized and infinitely adjustable eCommerce shopping cart for almost any website.

Bonanzle is a perfectly functional shopping cart with checkout integration through Google Checkout and PayPal which are already integrated into Bonanzle, as is a shipping calculator.  Yet this shopping cart has other advantages other low cost solutions do not have.

  • Google Base integration – Any products properly set up in Bonanzle can be fed to Google shopping via the integrated Google Base export tool
  • Cross Linking – With products listed on a platform like Bonanzle, where linking to your own website is not only allowed, but encouraged, every product listed on Bonanzle can be designed to link back home to a merchants main website.  This will provide more link juice to your website than any stand alone ecommerce shopping cart solution.
  • Bulk Editing – Bonanzle offers and easy to use bulk editing tool. This makes changes to pricing or other factors an easy task no matter if you have ten changes to make or 1000.
  • Established product category system – Bonanzle now uses the well established product category Bonanzle as a Shopping Cartsystem and labels found on  This will help to optimize any products placed into this system with tags that are common across the Internet. People search for products with keywords learned over time. Better to use the systems already in place than to try and re-create the wheel.
  • Feeds – Bonanzle produces feeds which can allow your web developer a way to display any and all products listed within your Bonanzle account on your own website.  These products will be dynamically generated, this means when a new product is listed on Bonanzle, that same product will be automatically updated on your own website.  When an item sells, that item will automatically be removed from your website.  Essentially we are talking about a painless and easy management of a multiple channel selling solution with minimal cost.

Here is an example of the product feed in action.

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