WordPress is a wonderful publishing system for small business and other website development and design. One of the best features … is all of the features that are available to users of WordPress. Sometimes its the simple features that can make all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of a website.

Our clients love having the ability to add their own content to sites, whenever they please. WordPress is an excellent publishing platform to use if one of your goals of having a website is to create your own pages on an “as needed” basis.

In this Quick Tip, I will be answering a question from the President of the Fat Disorders Research Society about “Read More” tags. – You know, when you are reading a page of information and each article has a little link at the bottom that says Read More….

This “Read More” tactic is used on websites all over the world and there are some very good reasons:

  • Abbreviating the home page or category page content of a site by using a Read More Link cleans up the look and allows the reader to find the content they are interested in and then continuing to read.
  • The links that are created to the additional content (the other part of the original article) are internal links. Internal links are helpful when your goal is to entice search engine spiders to crawl your entire website, because they just love to follow links!

So, here is the video quick tip specially created for Christina of the Fat Disorders Research Society Inc., a great client and an even better non-profit organization President… (Never hurts to Smooze a little, does it?)