This project is something I have wanted to do for a long time, frankly our old portfolio page was just simply not all that user friendly but like a professional auto mechanic, web developers never seem to find time for the projects we need to do at home. Now anyone can go to our new portfolio, which is really a directory, and find completed projects and projects under construction of all kinds. Joomla and WordPress Content Management System Development is our specialty so these projects are the ones we have presented on our directory.

I have created a new portfolio of work (both in progress and past projects) publishing it on our server here: @ .

Use the portfolio to inspire your thoughts on how you would like your web site to look and feel.  I have had many customers sit down with me and after I showed them some of the work I have done, they get very excited.  The possibilities start to percolate inside the creative mind of the client when they see what can be done, it is at this time that I usually get a shopping list of features and designs that the new client wants to emulate from a completed project.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using features of other websites, as long as your content is original and you brand your site to be yours alone, popular features and great ideas are always good to incorporate into a new project.

So… take a look around our portfolio, grab an idea, think about how you want your site to look and feel.  If it can be done, we can do it for you.

Thanks for checking it out!

Scott Pooler – iBusinessLogic