Wordtracker has been the king of keyword research for many years.  Any serious online marketer uses tools that improve their chances of finding and closing sales on the market they are targeting. Wordtracker is an essential tool in your toolbox. Identifying and organizing your keywords into lists is one of the first things anyone who is attempting to be successful in any form of online marketing or merchandising should put on their priority list.

When you can get keywords for free from Google, why would you pay for a subscription to Wordtracker’s premium Keywords tool (even if it is only 90 cents a day)?

It’s a reasonable question. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay for something they can get at no cost. But there’s a reason why so many people continue to renew their subscription to Wordtracker’s Keywords tool, year after year: it gives them a serious edge in finding and exploiting the keywords that will make them money.

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While free keywords tools like Google’s certainly have their place in the world of online marketing, they won’t give you the insights you need to generate more traffic, outperform your competitors, and multiply your profits.

Simply put, Wordtracker gives you more of what you need to be found online. For these and thousands of other results-minded marketers around the globe, our tool is an invaluable resource in the quest for coveted search engine rankings.

Here Are Five Great Reasons Why Wordtracker Blows Google’s Free Tool Away

Wordtracker Advantage #1: It’s All About the Long Tail

No, we’re not talking about the primates at your local zoo. By “long tail”, we’re referring to the typically longer keyword phrases that are very specific to what your website is selling and what people are looking for. These phrases differ from the more basic, primary keywords that are heavily searched (cleverly called the “head”).

For example:

Head Keyword Long Tail Keyword
mountain climbing California mountain climbing tours
laundry detergent environmentally-friendly laundry detergent
hardwood floors recycled pine flooring
cribs convertible wood baby cribs

The long tail of keyword research is absolutely fundamental to your online success. Because they have less competition from other websites, long tail keywords give you a much better chance of ranking highly in the search engines – and that means more visibility for your website.

And here’s even better news: the people who search online using long tail keywords are far more likely to become buyers! These specific keywords trigger significantly higher conversions than general terms and phrases.

Something else that may surprise you: The long tail of a keyword represents a far greater number of searches than the head. In a 2008 report, Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, revealed that for any given topic, the top 100 keywords account for just 5.7% of all website traffic – while long tail keywords account for the remaining 94.3%!

Most searches are long tail searches

Above: An illustration of the huge number of low competition, high conversion alternatives that can be found in the long tail of primary keywords. If you’re not targeting long-tail keywords you’re missing out on potential traffic.

So what does the long tail mean for you? Target a large number of long tail terms, and you can generate lots of highly targeted traffic. Since there are so many potential long tail combinations that searchers may use to find what you offer, you’ll likely need to create more pages on your website. Luckily for you, Google – the world’s most popular search engine – loves sites with plenty of pages, and tends to reward them with higher rankings!

How Wordtracker delivers a long tail advantage: For every search, Wordtracker gives you 1,000 keywords – so you can dig much deeper into the long tail of a primary phrase. And for every keyword you rank for, you’ll get more customers, more sales and more revenue for your business.

Why Google falls short: Google only gives you 200 keywords for every search, dramatically limiting your ability to find valuable long tail terms and phrases.

To get the most from any audience niche, you have to target the keywords in the long tail – not just the popular few. Wordtracker gives you more long tail keywords than any other keywords tool available today.

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Wordtracker Advantage #2: Be Privy to Rare and Valuable Competitive Data

Wordtracker increases sales

Keywords with a high search volume and a low level of competition can bring you a quick (and substantial) return on your investment. But without an accurate measure of competition for a particular phrase or term, you simply don’t get the full picture.

How Wordtracker delivers: Wordtracker has two metrics which let you uncover worthy keywords that are both popular and have a low level of competition:

  • In Anchor And Title (IAAT): Instantly measures the level of serious competition for any of the 200 million keywords in Wordtracker’s database. Find out exactly how many competitive web pages you must beat to get search engine traffic.
  • KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index): Is a keyword really worth targeting? Use KEI to hone in on keywords with high traffic and low competition. But unlike the older version of the metric, the “new” KEI considers only real competition-defined as web pages with at least one inbound link containing that keyword in its anchor text.

Wordtracker can calculate these figures accurately because we’ve indexed over one trillion URLs. No other keyword research tool gives you access to such a vast database.

Why Google Falls Short: Google’s free tool gives you the number of searches for a particular phrase or term (i.e. its popularity), but gives you no idea of how much competition you face. Frankly, it’s not in Google’s interest to warn you about the competition, because they want you to buy ad space.

Wordtracker shares keyword competition data liberally with its premium subscribers, enabling you to cherry-pick the most promising keywords for your online marketing campaigns.

Wordtracker Advantage #3: Target More Moneymaking Keywords with Our Related Keywords Function

When you use the Wordtracker tool to dig deep into the long tail of a keyword, you get the most popular phrases that contain the seed keyword. In other words, a search on the term “organic” would include results such as organic food, organic gardening, organic farming, and so on.

But related keywords are different – they don’t always include the original seed keyword. For example, a related keyword search for “organic” will return keywords such as sustainable agriculture and growers. All great ideas for generating domain names, new product ideas, and captivating website content.

Wordtracker increases sales

Above: The top 10 searches on the term “organic” using Wordtracker’s related keywords function

How Wordtracker delivers: The Wordtracker Keywords tool offers you more related keywords than any other tool – up to 300 per search, as a matter of fact. This enables you to squeeze the most value out of every single term or phrase.

Why Google falls short: Google’s free tool gives you just 50 related keywords, leaving you with far fewer opportunities to discover fruitful new markets and attract more paying customers.

Wordtracker Advantage #5: Get the Benefit of World Class Support

Online success can’t be achieved in a vacuum. When you’re navigating the often complex world of search marketing, it helps to have a reliable network of expert resources right at your fingertips.

How Wordtracker delivers: Subscribe to the Wordtracker Keywords tool and you’ll get the best service and support available, including:

  • Live chat or a call with a member of our knowledgeable support team. We’re happy to give you one-to-one guidance you on your keyword strategy
  • Free online training videos
  • A wealth of how-to articles and advice in our free Wordtracker Academy

Why Google falls short: Google’s online Help Center is geared primarily toward people who already have AdWords accounts (in other words, they’re already putting money in Google’s pocket). Those who aren’t AdWords users must search cumbersome Q and A databases for the answers they’re looking for. Who has the time – or the patience – for that?

At Wordtracker, our business is to help your business succeed. That’s why we provide live support as well as ample access to information that helps you get the most out of your keyword research.

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Wordtracker Advantage #6: Get More Done in Less Time

Wordtracker saves time

Let’s face it – in today’s ultra-competitive business world, productivity reins supreme. You need to make the best use of your time, each and every day.

How Wordtracker delivers: With Wordtracker’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you can generate thousands of powerful keywords in a matter of just minutes. That means getting your keyword research done faster – and putting the results to work sooner.

What’s more, Wordtracker enables you to build structured projects and lists quickly, saving you hours of tedious work. Every keyword list can be used to create a category on your website, and each individual keyword within a list can be used to generate compelling ideas for web content, articles and blogs.

The Wordtracker Keywords tool also enables you to map your keyword lists directly to your website, so you can be sure that you’re targeting the long tail effectively.

With a premium subscription to Wordtracker, you can create and save valuable projects and lists and access them from any computer with an internet connection – anywhere in the world, day or night. Even better, you can store an unlimited number of projects – ideal for a business running several campaigns or an agency serving multiple clients.

Why Google falls short: While Google allows you to save your keywords, it doesn’t give you the enhanced management tools that Wordtracker provides – nor does it allow you to generate so many keywords in such little time. In fact, if you’re using Google’s free keywords tool, finding 10,000 highly targeted keywords just might take you all day! Chances are that’s more time than you have to spare.

Wordtracker gives you enhanced tools to make your keyword research faster, easier and more effective. That means you can drive your website’s performance without sacrificing a substantial amount of your valuable time.

Harness the Power of Effective Keyword Research – for Less Than $1 Per Day!

Effective keyword research is at the core of internet marketing – and can mean the difference between your success and failure. Whether you’re a web professional who wants to exceed client expectations – or a small business owner who wants to drive performance – Wordtracker helps you stay profitable by keeping you connected with what your customers want and need.

The cost of a Wordtracker subscription is just $329 a year – that’s less than 90 cents per day. When you consider that a single keyword can generate thousands of new customers, you can see how Wordtracker is a smart investment that quickly – and exponentially – pays for itself!

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That’s right – purchase an annual subscription today and get a collection of business-boosting bonuses that are only available from Wordtracker!

Here’s what you get when you subscribe:

Bonus #1: Keyword Basics Ebook (Value – $29)

Keyword Basics

One of the most frequently asked questions from website owners today is, “Why can’t my site be found on Google?” They know it’s important to appear prominently in search engine results – but they don’t know why it’s not happening for them.

Written by Wordtracker’s chief marketing officer, Ken McGaffin, our “Keyword Basics” ebook tells you how to use keyword research to propel your website to the top of search engine listings. This new edition of the book contains all the latest techniques; you’ll learn:

  • How search engines work
  • A simple method for choosing your best keywords
  • A simple way to expand your lists of moneymaking keywords
  • How to use keywords to create mouth-watering web content that keeps visitors coming back for more

Downloadable immediately, this easy-to-follow guide gives you smart, practical insights from a recognized SEO guru – so you can turn your site into a profit-pulling, high ranking machine in no time!

Bonus #2: Our “Profit from Keywords” Video Series (Value – $39)

Profit from Keywords video

For the first seven days of your annual Wordtracker subscription, we’ll send you a video a day, each designed to help you get the most from our premium Keywords tool. These videos cover everything from starting your keyword research to optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns. The series includes:

  • Video 1: Search engine success starts with keywords. Learn how to optimize your website with keywords to achieve greater search engine rankings.
  • Video 2. Assess your market with keyword research. Discover how to use keyword research to analyze your market and identify potentially profitable niches.
  • Video 3. How to build an effective keyword strategy. Find out how to organize your chosen target keywords into lists that match your site’s structure.
  • Video 4. How to optimize your web content. Learn how to effectively use your target keywords in page title tags, headlines, subheadings and body text.
  • Video 5. Pay-per-click (PPC) for testing and profit. Discover how to create a lucrative PPC campaign using the Wordtracker Keywords tool.
  • Video 6. How to use keywords in linking text. Find out how to maximize traffic by creating keyword rich links on your own website as well as in other sites’ links to yours.
  • Video 7. Expand into new markets and beat your competition. Learn how to use Wordtracker to continually refine your online marketing campaigns and improve your results over time.

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Wordtracker webinar

To help you get the most from Wordtracker’s Keywords tool, we’re laying on an exclusive 45-minute webinar. You’ll be taken through the basics of solid, business-based keyword research, including:

  • How to use the Keywords tool to plan your website structure
  • How to avoid the most common keyword research mistakes
  • How to search wide and deep to find missing keyword opportunities
  • How to understand what your customers really want from you

And that’s not all: You’ll also learn how to manage your research projects effectively, export keywords for use in your AdWords campaigns, and gain insights into our exclusive keyword metrics!

Sound intriguing? Well, we’ve got great news for you: we’ll send you an invitation to the webinar during the first week of your subscription.

Only Wordtracker subscribers can attend the webinar. This information is not for sale or available anywhere else on the planet.

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P.S. By using Wordtracker to shape its online marketing campaigns, Park Seed – a multi million dollar gardening business – upped its natural search engine revenue by 42% and its Pay Per Click (PPC) revenue by an astounding 85% – in just 12 months. Walt Yates, SEM manager at Park Seed, explains how Wordtracker plays a key role in maintaining healthy profits:

“We worked with the Wordtracker keyword research data before we started any Internet marketing activities. Thanks to that data, we understood our audiences, what content they needed and how their needs were changing over time.”

Here’s what other top online marketers are saying about the Wordtracker Keywords tool:

“In just two and a half years, we’ve seen well over a 150% increase in traffic. The more traffic we get, the more subscriptions we sell. Wordtracker is a fundamental tool. The data that’s available gives you a better insight than ever before into your audience.”

– Dan Roberts, Senior Analyst, Hearst Publications

“One of my favorite keyword tools is Wordtracker. For most any term, it gives you 200-300 related words and phrases that real people have recently typed into search engines. Wordtracker gives you profitable keywords you’d never have thought of on your own.”

– Perry Marshall, best-selling author and leading authority on Google advertising

P.P.S. Remember: this offer is backed by our 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. That means you have absolutely nothing to lose by ordering your annual Wordtracker subscription now