All Business Auctions – Historical – Joomla! – eBay Services Website

All Business Auctions has been re-developed in WordPress since this last screenshot of our original Joomla! based website development was completed.  As a Joomla site was the home base of an eBay oriented services business which offered overstock liquidation to local businesses, eBay training, eBay listing software and eBay Stores design.

All Business Auctions is the genesis of iBusinessLogic in fact.  The story is very similar to ones that have been expressed to us by many of our present clients.  I personally had hired (4) different website “designers” to build a comprehensive website for All Business Auctions. Each attempt was more frustrating and I finally decided that it could not be as difficult or as disorganized of a process to build a website as these 4 different “designers” had shown it to be.  Therefore, after 2 years of money and time spent, I decided to learn how to build a website with the help of my partner and friend Kathy Naranjo.  We looked into all of the options for website development available at the time including Dreamweaver, Front Page (ich), Yahoo and Godaddy website tonight.  None of the “easy” web builders seemed to have the features, capabilities, or future expansion possibilities that a relatively new (at that time) Content Management System called Joomla! did.

We built our site on Joomla! and even before Joomla! was considered completely stable.  The website that we ended up with was what I had been asking for for over 2 years from other designers and so called experts.

The business climate for eBay has changed in the intervening years and as such I no longer promote the services that the original All Business Auctions website was designed to offer.  I have many fond memories of the challenges and triumphs that this site represented. It is the reason I do what I do now and I found a great deal of personal satisfaction in not only completing the website completely in house, but creating each and every graphic on the site myself.  I still love Joomla! as a Content Management System and recommend its use when the client requires a more complicated or robust CMS than WordPress.  For our purposes though, the All Business Auctions site has been switched to WordPress for ease of updating and to profile our work with that Content Management System option.

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