Marketpress Shopping Cart for WordPress – eCommerce and Digital Download Management

iBusinessLogic offers Marketpress to all of our clients as we are a certified developer for  However, if you would like to purchase and install this great ecommerce package for yourself, please follow the link below. (By the way – iBusinessLogic is not an affiliate of Marketpress or, we just develop sites using many of their plugins and themes.)

MarketPress was developed to be a solid, simple, extensible foundation for a WordPress-Powered store.  Now in it’s 2.0 release they’re taking things to a whole new level.

MarketPress was the first WordPress ecommerce plugin designed from the ground up for seamless integration with WP Multisite and BuddyPress.  It was the first to use custom post types and the first to make it easy to get your own percentage of each transaction through PayPal’s chained-payment gateways.

Much work went into detailed but simple Shipping and Gateway plugin APIs, very robust themeing support with it’s own set of completely documented template tags and full WPML support – all built in!

What’s new in MarketPress 2.0?  Well, a ton actually!

  • Global carts/checkout – currently PayPal Express only
  • Downloadable Products
  • Limit download count per purchase
  • Product variations, along with stock tracking for each
  • Per order product limits
  • Skipping payment form page if only one gateway allowed
  • Hide cart widget on cart pages
  • Add cart widget to sidebar on first install
  • Option to force login to checkout
  • Moneybookers gateway
  • Import from WP e-Commerce plugin

Store Features

Simple product thumbnails/images with lightbox zooming
Add temporary sale prices
Link a product to an external link (for affiliate commissions, etc). You can also turn off all checkout features and use MarketPress as a listing plugin only, generating revenue from affiliate commissions on sites like ClickBank, E-junkie or Amazon Affiliate.
Assign categories and tags to products to make them easy to find
Stock tracking with alerts
Order Management/Alerts
Fully customizable email messages
Full support for most major currencies
Flexible sales tax/VAT options
Full coupon/discount support. Create coupon codes for percentage or amount off, and control and track their usage date range and/or maximum uses.
3 built-in css themes designed to work within your site theme. And it’s a simple matter to add your own.
Fully customizable store urls/slugs
Customers can checkout without being a site user
Order status tracking for customers on the front end. Previous orders are stored in a cookie or user meta.
More quality features than any other WordPress ecommerce plugin.
4 payment gateways – PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Chained Payments, and 2CO… more coming soon!

Promote Your Products

Powerful Widgets:

  • Shopping Cart – Shows dynamic shopping cart contents along with a checkout button for your MarketPress store. Fully AJAX based, add an item and it shows in the cart instantly.
  • Product Tag Cloud – Your most used product tags in cloud format from your MarketPress store.
  • Product Categories – A list or dropdown of product categories from your MarketPress store.
  • Product List – This one is awesome. Shows a highly customizable list of products from your MarketPress store. You can make multiple widgets of product lists with full preferences, like order by, num products, etc. You can show what you want like product image, excerpt, price, buy now button, etc.

Shortcodes Galore:

  • Product Tag Cloud – Displays a cloud or list of your product tags
  • Product Categories List – Displays an HTML list of your product categories
  • Product Categories Dropdown – Displays an HTML dropdown of your product categories
  • Popular Products List – Displays a list of popular products ordered by sales
  • Products List – Displays a list of products according to preference
  • Store Links – A number of shortcodes to display links to various store pages
  • Store Navigation List – Put a quick navigation menu anywhere on your site that links to store pages

Global Listings

When installed on WordPress Multisite all products, product tags, and product categories from across the network are indexed globally. They are then displayed on your main site/blog marketplace pages or with our powerful global widgets or shortcodes.

  • Global Product List – Shows a customizable global list of products from network MarketPress stores.
  • Global Product Tag Cloud – Displays global most used product tags in cloud format from network MarketPress stores.
  • Global Product Category List – Displays a network-wide HTML list of product categories from network MarketPress stores.

Robust Themeing Support

Check out the docs on the Presentation settings page.

It’s incredibly easy to add your own css theme and modify it as you would like. Once you drop it in the proper folder, it shows up in the theme list to all sites on your network.

Unlike other WordPress ecommerce plugins MarketPress won’t make you want to give up when it comes to developiong a beautiful site.

Of course you can also select “No Theme” and put css in your theme’s css files. There is also a detailed readme.txt on how to create completely custom page templates for all the store pages. It uses the same familiar templating system as WordPress so you or your designer can make your store look exactly how you want it. We also plan soon to update some of our themes, especially “Product”, to have built in highly customized MarketPress store templates.

Advanced API’s

MarketPress was built from the ground up to be an infinitely expandable framework. There are simple fully-documented plugin APIs for adding your own custom Shipping or Payment Gateway modules. Don’t get locked in to the current features of another WordPress e-commerce plugin! It’s a cinch for any developer to create their own Payment Gateway or Shipping plugin by overriding our documented classes. Just drop it in the appropriate plugin folders and they’ll show up in the admin interface.

Full WPML Support

Want a multilingual e-commerce solution?  Look no further!  You’ll want to purchase the WPML Plugin.  Together you’ll be able to translate all Products, Product Categories, and Product Tags, UI Strings, email messages, MarketPress slugs, and all custom fields such as SKU, price, sale price, product link, file, sales count, shipping, variations, mp_is_sale, mp_track_inventory, mp_inventory.

WPML provides an exclusive add-on in WPML-MarketPress that brings it all together.  IF you have a need to make your site accessible to many languages.  This is the solution for you!

Coming Soon

Best of all this plugin is still in active development so you can expect new and exciting features in the near future!

  • BuddyPress profile integration
  • Additional shipping plugins – Fedex, UPS, etc.
  • Affiliate plugin integration

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