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Tell US About Your Website Project – and we will get back to you right away with our thoughts about how to get it done with WordPress or one of our other fine web development solutions. iBusinessLogic builds websites to our customers specifications and satisfaction. There is very little that we can not achieve for your website vision, from the simplest brochure small business website, to the most complicated database driven corporate directory, we can get it done for you!

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Your Website Project

Please tell us as much as you can about your website project requirements. This information is used to get a better idea about the scope of your project and will allow us to be better informed and save you time when we contact you personally. We will not share your information with any outside source, everything is developed in our St Petersburg, Florida offices.
  • Best number to reach you please.
  • Main Business Address - Not required but helpful, thanks!
  • Please enter your current website (if you already have one in use).
  • When would you like your project to start in development?
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 500.
    Main or "Static" pages of content you think you will require to be formatted and published for your website. Examples: Home, About Our Company, Staff, Location, Products, Calendar of Events, FAQ's, Policies, Terms, Store etc...
  • Style of Design

    iBusinessLogic provides website development for many genre's on design types - what is the best for your project?
  • Just let us know what you need, we can even take your designs and make it into a website. Or we may have an idea that will work for your application.
  • Capabilities

    The features of a website can be as complex or simple as you desire, they can be added over time and the site can grow with your business to become more and more capable. Knowing the overall destination of your website plan and the feature set you would like to have available on your website will help us to set up the best framework or foundation for your goals.
    iBusinessLogic will custom design your site as you want it to be, with any of the features above and more... Just let us know what it is you want, or if you are not sure, just ask and we will put your thoughts into action!
  • Just ask, and we will make it happen for you!
  • Colors

    Colors should compliment the overall theme of the design and fit in with the company color scheme and work well with your logo. While colors do not necessarily make the sale or impress the web surfer, bad color choices can certainly have a negative effect. We will help you to make the right choices but we will also defer to your desires when it comes to your website design.
    Usually the colors that compliment your company logo and do not distract from the main content or purpose of the website. Don't worry, we will work with you to make these choices right for your website!
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, psd, .
    Upload a copy of your logo to give us an idea of the style of your company or project.
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Submission of this form is in no way a contract to start work. All submissions will be reviewed and each potential client will be contacted to discuss the particular project. All estimates relating to costs are made according to the best information made available by each party prior to the start of a project. These estimates can vary greatly depending on the design specifications and any change orders that occur during the course of a project.

Thank you for submitting your project requirements. If you have any immediate questions please contact us via the contact methods on the sidebar of this page.

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