Do It Yourself SEO Finding Affordable Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Websites

October 5, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ DIY SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Today (October 5th 2010) I will be talking about SEO and how it applies to your small business website or online store on the Tips from the Top Talkshoe broadcast hosted by the Savvy Seller – Marlene Gavens at 2PM Eastern Standard Time. If you missed the live show, just follow this link anyway to hear a re-broadcast.

SEO is a hot topic and one of the most over sold services related to Internet marketing today!  Everyone is an SEO expert, they call on your small business over the phone, in email or via snail mail almost each and every day with a sales pitch to get you on the first page of Google. SEO “experts” make claims which seem unbelievable.

  • When its too good to be true… What did your momma always say?

This does not mean that SEO is a topic to be avoided or that all SEO is a scam or a way to spend a lot of money on dubious return because it is certainly not.  Search engine optimization is one of the most mis-understood and under utilized tools available to small businesses who have a website or online store.

  • No wonder! There are so many different SEO people claiming they can offer a magic carpet ride to the top of search that the entire message just becomes noise.

Most of these telemarketing calls and emails and letters are simply offering some form or another of Pay Per Click advertising.  It’s really easy to outbid others for position on a particular Google page, but how long can you afford that? When there is a real opportunity to work your way onto the same keyword phrase specific page, through organic means (being positioned on the left side) without a daily cost per click expense, isn’t that a more cost effective and wiser strategy for your business? The real secret is to not listen to the noise and focus on what is important for your business and your website.

Below are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you own a website and it is an essential part of your business strategy.

  1. How do I know what SEO strategy is right for my website?
  2. Where should I start with an SEO strategy for my business?
  3. How can I afford Search Engine Optimization help?

Once your website has been established and you are happy with the design and features, your next question should be – “Where’s The Traffic”!

  • “Build it and they will come”… Happens only in the movies

Whether you run an online store or have a simple small business brochure style website,  building it is only the first step.  Gaining traffic and eyeballs is the goal, but more to the point, you must acquire the right kind of traffic that is interested in your product or service.  Fine tuning who “finds” your website is one of the main keys to good SEO.  Building each and every page to draw the right kind of traffic so that you can sell your goods or services to people who want to buy those goods or services is the whole reason why you published a website in the first place.

So, lets answer the SEO questions before us today…

1.) How do I know what strategy will work for my website?

You will know by taking a step by step approach to your SEO needs and through that step by step process, you will learn what is important for your particular business and your website.

2.) Where should I start with an Search Engine Optimization Strategy for my business?

Start at home, in your business, thinking about your customers. Who knows your customers wants and needs better than you do? Think like a customer and think about the questions that they invariably ask you about your products or services. These are the questions that need to be answered on your website. These are the questions which hold the words that need to become the start or your keyword list, this is the genesis of your foray into the organic traffic playground.

3.) How can I afford Search Engine Optimization help?

Every business has different budgetary concerns, in today’s economy we all know it is hard to find a budget for new initiatives. It is also very hard to turn a blind eye to the prospect of new business.  I think I have found a solution which will fit into any businesses budget and allow at the very least, any business owner to bone up on the basics of SEO and how it can apply to their particular website or online store.  The importance of SEO is really not the question here, as we all know that there is a real benefit to having a strategy in place.  The question is more along the lines of affordability and value.

Do It Yourself SEO

DIYSEO offers affordability, value, training and to be honest, it offers more than any outside SEO expert in the world can give you. DIYSEO offers you the ability to understand where you stand with your website SEO and performance, at a glance. You will know what you need to do to help your website or online store perform better next week, next month and next year.

What is DIYSEO?

DIYSEO is an online browser based tool that allows you to evaluate, improve, and initiate an SEO strategy for any website.  The tool takes the user through all of the steps necessary to identify and then establish the best strategy for your website in regards to Search Engine Optimization. From meta-tag insertion (including instructions on how to insert meta-tags and where) to inbound linking strategies and being found in local search.

Today (October 5th 2010) I will be talking about SEO and how it applies to your small business website or online store on the Tips from the Top Talkshoe broadcast hosted by the Savvy Seller – Marlene Gavens at 2PM Eastern Standard Time. If you missed the live show, just follow this link anyway to hear a re-broadcast.

I am also including here a Free six step SEO guide by Patrick Gaven to help you to understand the importance of getting started with a true Search strategy for your website.

Please review the guide below and then sign up for the exclusive special DIYSEO 15 day trial offer (Only to Savvy Seller listeners and friends of found at the links on this page. You will learn a great deal about what SEO is, how to implement proper SEO and how to improve your websites rankings – all on your own! This is a pretty spectacular opportunity and I am happy to have brought it to you.