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The reality of business ownership today includes the necessity of a well designed and Search Engine Optimized website. No matter if direct online sales or a simple “brochure” site is the goal, a majority of any businesses prospective customers will look to see what image your company presents online.

Every One of the sites above started with a Simple Start Package

In today’s economy, small businesses in Tampa Bay and Nationwide are interested in improving sales and brand exposure while balancing this desire with a need to stretch advertising and marketing dollars further than ever before.

logoHere at iBusinessLogic, a website development and design company based in Tampa Bay, Florida, we empathize with the small business owner and understand the need to present a business image and brand online without breaking the marketing budget.  For this reason we have worked hard to creatively offer extreme value to our customers with our website development project management services.

To this end, we have created the following website design and development package.

Simple Start –  WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Website Installation

Simple Start Website Program –

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  • Additional development or consulting time can be purchased in 3 hour , 5 hour , 10 hour or 20 hour  blocks at the mentioned discounted rates per hour.

  • Everything is pre-paid, unused hours of development are not refundable but do not expire until 36 months after the project is initiated.
  • Most sites require 25 hours of development – ecommerce and real estate websites require more, simple informational or brochure sites require less.
  • With this program, the client may contribute to the development as much, or as little as they wish. (Education falls under the heading of consulting and will be charged at the standard or discounted rate.
  • All hours will be billable, no matter if a development package is purchased or not, so the advantage to the client is to purchase a development package. Multiple packages may be purchased as needed.

(This special package price is limited. Simple Start is meant to establish a new website on a new hosting account in addition to establishing a new business relationship between your business and iBusinessLogic.  This offer provides a maximum defined number of hours of development and /or training as defined in each offer . Additional development time will be billed at our standard rate or at the published development package rate. Simple Start Plan website clients can expect a complete, expandable modern website framework installed and running.  Additional features, pages, galleries, videos etc are available but are not included.)

As can be seen by our previous work, there is very little that a properly set up and designed website built upon a Content Management System like WordPress can not accomplish for almost any business.

Tell us about your project here and we will call you to discuss the details at no charge.

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